尾形 純

Jun Ogata 曲水 -GOKUSUI-
2020.03.03 - 03.13
We will have the solo exhibition of Jun OGATA.
Ogata expresses traditional Japanese colors with with water-based and oil-based colour materials, and paints abstract paintings reminiscent of nature.
Also, he has painted ink paintings on Japanese paper.
This time is his first solo ink painting exhibition.
Hope you will be able to have a look.

This time, I will exhibit the ink paintings on Japanese paper.
The new series of ink painting was triggered by the inheritance of Tosa Washi from the bereaved of painter Kuniyoshi Kaneko, who had been close to him in his lifetime.
The washi began to oxidize over time, changing to have a resonance like dead leaves.
The light-colored paper surface created by time contains ink, color materials, water and oil softly, and a new image seems to emerge.
The exhibition of the new paintings titled "GOKUSUI (Curved Water)" will be held with the image of the flowing water of Japanese garden under the theme of "lines" and "flows".
Also exhibit the new painting inspired by the tea ceremony.
Please enjoy my new paintings.
Jun Ogata.

March 3 - 13, 2020 10:00-18:30
AABuilding 2-9-16-1F Minato-ku kita-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo Japan
Reception Party : December 8
(Closed on Sunday & Last day until 5:00pm)
Access : https://orie.co.jp/access
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Set eyes on delicate Japanese traditional colors. The color which shines brightly in the nature will be matured and give out other kind of beauty in a short time. Keep the world of such natural colors in my mind.
As flowing water, soil or air does not have a shape, the expression of painting is not so easy to create. However, I keep painting in pursuit of "the truth of painting" like the natural colors which glow strongly.
Fixe les yeux sur la couleur délicate et traditionnelle du Japon.
La couleur ravissante qui brille dans la nature, elle se flétrit finalement et dégage l'autre beauté.
Retient le monde de la couleur naturelle pareille dans le coeur.
Ce n'est pas facile de créer l'expression de la peinture, comme l'eau coulant, le sol et l'air n'a pas de forme.
Cependant, je reste à peindre en recherchant "La Vérité de la peinture" comme le paysage de la nature qui brille fortement.
Meet the Artists - :) Exhibition Smily Face
The group exhibition of 11 artists has been extended until February 14.
Y2Arts Singapore
4 January – 14 February, 2020
My colum was published on "Art Annual Online" which is the site of art magazine named "Shin Bijutsu Shimbun (New Art Newspaper)".
Only in Japanese, but please see it.
Reikasai - 厲家菜
  • 尾形純作品 - 厲家菜
  • 尾形純作品 - 厲家菜

  • 尾形純作品 - 厲家菜
  • 尾形純作品 - 厲家菜

  • 尾形純作品 - 厲家菜
  • 尾形純作品 - 厲家菜

  • 尾形純作品 - 厲家菜
  • 尾形純作品 - 厲家菜
"Reikasai" serves the Chinese royal court cuisine which the Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing dynasty was eating every day.
The restaurant which received michelin 2 star was opened on June 14, 2016 in Pola Ginza Building, Ginza 1-chome.
Please enjoy the delicious and healthy royal court cuisine with the excellent interior which was designed by Hideyuki Nakayama and my more than 10 works on the walls.
The article of my paintings was published in the British online art magazine "ART Habens".
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